Weight Loss Personal Training Helping you get healthy at home.
Weight Loss Personal TrainingHelping you get healthy at home.
Weight Loss PT

As someone who was incredibly unfit and who doesn't enjoy exercise - I was an incredibly tough client to have!
Jamie recognised this, worked on not only my attitude towards fitness but my ability, my resilience and confidence in reaching my fitness goals. Every session was tailor made to remain interesting, exciting and varied - so I got to work hard without giving up. I lost weight, went from being able to do zero burpees to 100 (!) and for the first time am able to be proud of my fitness.
I highly recommend Jamie - not only is he a good guy, he is incredibly knowledgable in the field of PT and very skilled at getting people to their goals.




History: Me? Classic bloke - mid' 50's, overweight, drank too much , traveled a lot, worked too long hours & too much with my own business. Resulting in an ever increasingly large body & posterior!
Problem: Gym membership & swimming all good intentions but never maintained as I always able to put off

Solution: Wife bought me lessons with Jamie. Made time & he now works works easily around my timings. Absolutely the only way to continue. Now over two stone lighter, 4" off waist line , more toned, less tired, no more lethargy , all my suits etc...altered so no going back now!

Setback: Diagnosed with cancer in prostate - Surgery - Four months off.


Currently: Four months later back working with Jamie re-building life with tailored programmed schedule nearly back to what I was....so far so good......

Jamie is dedicated and extremely attentive, listening to what you want and then planning to suit. His communications both during and keeping you updated for sessions are first rate. His sessions vary so you are never quite sure what will you will doing when the door opens but you feel achievement at the end of most sessions and results are obvious. I am proud of my achievements in turning my life around so much & virtually all of this are attributed to his efforts . So just contact him & see.

Weight Loss PT

Jamie started training me soon after my first child was born. He provided the right mix of pushing me without going too far as I was getting up to fitness. He also kept in contact in between my sessions to motivate me to eat healthier in periods of sleep deprivation! I really enjoyed all the sessions and was surprised how quickly I was back to pre-pregnancy shape and fitness. I am now 8 months pregnant again and he is continuing to train me (low impact). I have so far had a very easy pregnancy with minimal aches and pains! Definitely five stars in my mind - for both enjoyment and results.

Jamie is a great guy who puts 100% effort in every session. Jamie has helped me lose 2 stone with good advice about eating healthier and working out.
I would recommend Jamie to all friends and family without question.

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